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Welcome to the COLEAN.CC Calculator Collection which showcases the calculators owned by Abbie, the webmaster of this collection website, also known as abbieoverflight or threeoh6000. This website may also feature guides, opinion pieces, and other related information to the topic of calculators.

The collection

The collection is organised by calculator brand and includes arithmetic, scientific and graphical calculators at present.

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Calculators are a very overlooked and underrated object in the minds of most people. Generally, calculators are mostly just associated with education, mathematics, and engineering while they are so much more. Many calculators can do more than just add numbers and some are small computers in all but name. I find calculators to be interesting from not just a technical standpoint but also a historical standpoint and an aesthetic standpoint. Many calculators radiate the design of the time they were produced in and can sometimes be capsules of said design. They can also be learning tools for mathematics, engineering, and programming related hobbies.


Many of my calculators are listed on MyCalcs here under my username. I think MyCalcs is a pretty useful platform for keeping track of graphing calculator collections, especially ones surrounding Texas Instruments calculator as it features a space for the factory, datecode and hardware revision codes that are featured on the back of TI calculators. MyCalcs is a good place to meet like-minded individuals as well with its Discord server and integration with various calculator forums like Cemetech and TI-Planet.

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